Image of Katie Southard

Katie is the property manager at Treebecka Park where she has demonstrated an amazing talent for leasing. When she took over at Treebecka Park, the property had been under new ownership for four months, and occupancy levels were struggling. We were in the process of rebranding the property, finishing up several interior and exterior renovations as well as doing a complete overhaul on amenities. Katie leased 27 vacant units in January to increase occupancy by 13%. She has also released all apartments through August, so by September 15th, Treebecka Park will be 100% occupied. Based on these increases, Katie has achieved an overwhelming occupancy increase of 23 and also increased her NOI by 25%. Katie worked tirelessly alongside her maintenance supervisor, Hernan to complete several exterior renovations and amenity upgrades, such as the selection and installation of the large pet park, resurfacing of the tennis court, laundry room conversion, installation of park benches and cameras, and the installation of new exterior apartment numbers. Katie assisted in decorating a renovated model and also completed the daunting task of converting the model/leasing office into two separate units. The office conversion was a complex and delicate project in which prospects and residents basically entered a construction zone. During this two-month conversion, she continued to lease at a record pace. She coordinated with a vendor to donate a coffee machine for her residents to use when they visit the office too. Katie shows up for work each day with a smile on her face, ready to face the next challenge. Her hard work and exceptional work ethic are exactly what we look for in our employees, and we are proud to recognize her as our employee of the month for July 2019.