Our References

  •  Howard Hoder, Hoder & Co.
  •  Bob Kramer & Bob Rowe of Haile Plantation Developers
  •  Robbie Browning, Academic Development
  •  Kyle Riva, Epoch Properties
  •  Larry Cheshire, Cheshire Development
  •  Tom Robinson, RobinShore Inc.
  •  Kent Graeve, Arlington Properties
  •  Barry Rutenberg, Rutenberg Homes
  •  Asia Capital Real Estate
  •  Viking Companies
  •  Pacifica S.D. Management
  •  Gainesville Properties
  •  Cherishome Living
  •  RWB Capital Market
  •  Fernando Galverette
  •  Deborah Butler, Butler Towns City

Contact information for any of our references is available upon request.